How To Choose The Right Shoes

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Research shows that our feet shrink or grow in size at periodic intervals. It is no wonder then that the size that fitted us perfectly last year is not the same this year. It is very important to select shoes that fit us well to avoid causing aches and pains in the back and legs.

Knowing about the common irregularities in feet will also help you in asking for the right shoe. If you have highly arched feet, avoid motion and stability control shoes as they tend to reduce the mobility of your foot. Inserting special customized pads into your shoes will correct this irregularity. 

Flat footed people with no or low arches in their feet, should go for stability control or motion control shoes with a sturdy midsole. Those with the excessive inward rolling of the foot while in motion (over-pronation) can cause severe strain on lower legs, ankles, knees, and back. If you want to buy the right size of shoes then you can also visit

It is important to buy shoes only from a store that has knowledgeable sales personnel and displays a wide choice of shoes. Although the shoe industry promotes the idea of different shoes for different uses, when it comes to athletic shoes, you need either a running shoe or a cross trainer. 

There are three main categories: motion control, neutral cushioning, and stability control. There are two types of sports shoes; one that is good for frequent stop-go movements, and one that is ideal for running or walking.