How to Remove Decals from a New Car

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Most dealerships incline to put their free advertisement at the back of new cars in the form of stickers and decals with the name of their business on it.

No wonder it works like a good marketing tool for them, but the car owners dislike these levied decals.It not only looks tacky but also clutters the back of the car, decreasing the overall aesthetic value . You can hire trusted Vinyl and graphic removal experts via

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Over the years, I have seen folks complaining about dealership decals and trying everything possible to remove these stickers. If you check the bike or car forums, you will find several car or bike owners with same question – How to remove dealership decals from a new car? 

Some of them would have already used the traditional approaches such as softening the decals with a heat gun or hair dryer and then peeling it off but unluckily they do not work well with all. They may leave behind dirty glue stains on your brand new car, making you more frustrated.

If you have bought a new car and have the same problem associated with the dealership decals then I would suggest that you don't try peeling it with your nails or use any sharp tool to take them off because you would surely not want to scratch the surface or damage the paint of your new car.