Pest Killing With an Ozone Generator

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Ozone generators are one of the best tools that you can use to remove odors. While it is dangerous for humans to breathe in, it is a great tool for removing odor-causing bacteria. It will make your home or car smell like new again. However, did you know that it can function as a pest-removing tool as well?

Of course, it won’t replace a professional pest service, but it can help if you have an annoying problem. Leave infestations to the professionals, though. If you have a small flea issue, a week of ozone generator running can do great things for your home.

At, there are many things you can learn about ozone generators. One thing is that it can kill those pests, whether cockroaches, fleas or even spiders. However, it has to be done over a few days. If you only do it for one or two, it may kill the existing bugs, but it won’t do anything to the eggs.

Eggs are protective casings for other insects, so when they hatch, you’ll have a whole new problem to deal with. If you run it over a few days, you won’t have to worry about that, considering the newly-hatched bugs will be killed by the ozone as well. Remember not to run it while you or your pets are in the room, though!